Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the operation to make your site friendly to the search engines, thereby increasing the overall traffic on your site.

Following are the steps that we take for the SEO of your site:

SEO Techniques
Link popularity
Search Engine Preparation
Promoting Your Web Site

SEO Techniques

Domain and File Names

Choose your site domain name that includes words from your primary keyword phrase. Your domain name should also be easy to keep in mind and easy to spell.

Key word and key phrase identification

This involves, searching out terms that make the most prominent traffic patterns depending upon your web pages and the target audiences. Make use of keywords that are being explored for. You can make sure your keyword phrases with either the Search Term Suggestion Tool or the Overture Keyword Popularity Tool to discover how often they are being searched. You can also look at Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions for suggestions for different keyword phrases. Select the right keywords is decisive for a hit of a website. Object the wrong keywords and you have lost. We are providing some of their advantages:
  • Search for keywords and obtain hundreds of keyword combinations and synonyms
  • Search for associated terms
  • Search for ordinary misspellings
  • Check the popularity of all search terms
  • Industry Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Related Keywords
  • Spelling Mistake Research
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Seasonal Search Trends
  • Domain Researcher Tool
  • KEI Analysis
  • Wordtracker Comparison
All of these tools will bring you a lot of targeted traffic relevant to your website. Trust us - you will get your investition back in no time.

You can take advantage of this information to:

  • Optimize the content of your web pages and your meta tags
  • Maximize your pay per click campaigns
  • Take traffic away from your competitors

Modifying or creating content

As and when the need arise, we will modify the old content or create new content in order to make it act as a magnet to the search engine spiders and human users.

Quantity Content

The more will be better. Just bear in mind your content will require to be both quality and quantity.

Creation of Metadata Titles, Tags and Content

Search engines read the Title, headers, description and meta tag and then send the relevant traffic on the site. So, we will make sure that all these heads and sub-heads are formed by the most important keywords and phrases.

Link Solicitation

Another area of our specialization will be Link solicitation from other related websites, directories, and resource sections. This becomes important due to the fact hat Page rank algorithms consider these inbound links to decide on page rank which indicates the importance of a web page.

Submission to Search Engines & Directories

Once the site becomes fully functional, as the next step we propose to submit the site to the major directories and search engines.

Link popularity

You may think what link popularity is? Then the answer for this is that link popularity is general representation of the whole figure of web pages which are linked to website. There are some major search engines that support the "link" without any quotation marks in frontage of the URL. Other question which can take place that what is the function of link popularity then the answer for this is that link popularity tool query about the entire major search engine (MSN, Google, Ask and Yahoo) when ever you enter the link with your chosen URL as it will return the total link count for every URL.

When you will use the tool of link popularity then you will notice it diverge really from search engine to search engine because the entire figure revealed the figure of inbound links that are identified to that search engine. There are some major search engines like (MSN, Google, Ask and Yahoo) who apply a variety of sieve against the inbound link because of which there are some inbound links which may be not counted toward the entirety inbound links.

Another question which is very important about the importance of link popularity tool and then answer for this is that link popularity is important tool because it is the tool which is used by every major search engine to determine site location in search results. If there is any website that have more inbound links then such website will positioned higher in comparison to that website who have less inbound links and one thing more which you should keep in mind is that anchor text is also considered.

Google, Inktomi, HotBot, MSN or AltaVista are some of the major search engines who use the link popularity tool as the most important tool for ranking the website. If you want to have good rank for your website then there are some steps which you should follow so that your website can be ranked well. These steps are as follows:

  • First prepare your site
  • Link popularity is regarding eminence
  • Create sensible link aim
  • Supply the linking code
  • Funds time for link building
  • Build inner management support
  • Link building substitute
  • Get index listings
  • Develop a affiliation with website
  • Consider exchange for links
For a good ranking on Google, MSN, Altivista or Inktomi you should follow these steps and have good links to point your website.

Search Engine Preparation

If you want to have a successful website then an important part is to get a steady stream of traffic. Because of this traffic your website can be optimize in search engines. When preparing pages for your website, you must exclusively optimize every page of your web site. Each page should objective one exact theme and be optimized with keywords that best portray the theme.

When a Search Engine indexes your web page, it scrutinizes the page in hunt of precise keywords and high ranking pages when a search is returned are the pages that are most pertinent to the investigate query.

If your don't have website's page rank in the top 10 or 20 results when doing a keyword search at the Search Engines, then your visitors won't be able to find your website.

It is too difficult to get page rank in the top 10 but if you contemplate on then there are many less pages that deal with that topic.

Choosing your domain name

This means, when you order your domain name, be sure to include your keywords in your domain name.


Web pages with frames have one big drawback: Several search engines are not competent to index them appropriately. You must create your web site devoid of using frames, if you want to be on safe side. There are some activities to make possible an accurate indexing but this would guide too far for this time.

The title of your homepage

It approximately goes devoid of saying that the title of your website should have your keywords included as well. You must have four most important keywords in title of your Website.

Meta tag: description

Meta tags are supplementary parts of knowledge which are positioned within the HTML - code. Your description replicates the most significant part of your homepage while this is the description that is exposed when somebody searches for your site on a search engine.

Meta tag: keywords

The Meta tag keywords should be used to install all your keywords that are pertinent for your site. Four most significant keywords are being used in starting generally.

Keyword density

Your main keyword should be stated within the first 8 words of your body text and can be mentioned 3 times more. The other keywords should not be forgotten, too. Try to use them at least 3 times in your text.


several search engines have a new ranking perception which comprises link-popularity. That means, as the more pages have a link to your site, your site will better graded.

Some of websites have also made particular deals with pay- per-click search engines.

As the rivalry for extremely popular keywords is violent, you will considerably augment your chances of getting a high ranking in the Search Engines by targeting the fewer popular keywords. And in rotate, considerably boost your traffic.

Promoting Your Web Site

Are you having a website but due to lack of proper promotion your website doesn't have visitors and you are wondering that why such thing is happening then the answer for this query is lack of effective promotion of your website. Promotion of a website plays key role in the development of the website as it is a boon for the individual in searching information, services or any other thing related to the website.

There are various things which you should keep in mind before starting any website like:
  • You should know what are you selling?
  • Always target the potential buyers.
  • Try to have a good domain name.
  • You should know what kind of things people buy on internet.
  • Display the logo and image properly of your website.
  • Try to offer best services to your customers.

There are many other ways of promoting a website which you should keep in mind after creating website like make a response to those form which are relevant and easy to use, you should be sure that your website is search engine friendly, submit your website to 10 major search engine, print your internet address on letter head, business cards etc.

There are number of ways to do promotion like on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, promotional exchange, offline promotion etc. Now you may think what this is then the answer for this is the promotion done on daily basis can include your signature file with your post but before you make any posting to discussion board. In weekly promotion there is a place of paid ezine advertisement or arranging ad swop with member publishers. Other way of promotion is on monthly basis in which you can include writing article area and you can organize it by placing the names and hyperlinked web address.

There are many other ways in which you can have the promotion of your website so just collect the knowledge about promoting a website and then do it in that way.

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